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The Full Story:

VO Booth Besties

Our favorite way to tell our "how did it all begin" story is to say that it sounds like the beginning of a bad joke... “A Mormon, a Jew, and a Christian walked into a bar." But... we basically did!

That bar was in the restaurant of the hotel where the OneVoice Conference 2022 was being held. Though NJ and JT new each other from social media interactions, once they found AB holding up a wall, staring mindlessly at her cellphone, the rest was history.

Throughout the weekend, they found themselves connecting with other voice actors who seemed a bit lost or frustrated with some of the sessions at the conference. Although they connected, they could see that it was harder to really get to know people and find genuine connection in the large conference format. It also appeared like a lot of the speakers in many of the sessions were merely offering up a very high-level explanation of their topic/expertise, and the only way to get in-depth information was if the Talent signed up for private coaching or bought some kind of package deal. They agreed there needed to be a place where actors could get information that was just there to serve them, and not just to make a buck.

They continued this conversation several months after, and eventually VO Booth Besties was born! They created a community forum that would give new and working voice actors real, actionable information, in a format that also allowed Talent to connect with others and feel a stronger sense of community. And their amazing community responded!  They have felt all the love and friendship in the weekly Clubhouse (now Zoom) and in the VOBB Facebook Group!

A Photo of Aleesha Bake, Jen Greenfield, and Jen Tophoney
Aleesha Bake, Jen Greenfield, and Jen Tophoney around their sign at VOAtlanta where they were sponsers
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