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What exactly is a
VO Booth Bestie?

While the voiceover community, as a whole, is incredibly welcoming and supportive, the actual job of being a voice actor can feel quite isolating.

We find ourselves alone in a booth, day in and day out, talking to... well, no one! As you grow in your career and start connecting in places like social media, workshops and conferences, you begin to develop special friendships. You start finding “your people.” Peers who have similar experiences and questions as you, who make you laugh, who challenge you (in a good way) and support you through the ups and downs of this awesome, yet challenging industry.

That's a VO Booth Bestie...

Don't have a VO Booth Bestie yet? Well, stick with us and you're sure to find one!

Meet the OG Besties!

Aleesha Bake, Jen Greenfield, and Jen Tophoney are 3 different voices, on 3 different journeys, with 1 shared goal.

As active members in the Voice Over community, they were experiencing first hand how working voice actors struggled to get their industry questions answered from reliable, vetted pros... without having to buy a service or product to get the whole answer. They decided to change that.

The goal of the VO Booth Besties Podcast is to support new and established working VoiceOver talent who want to get down to business and have their most important questions answered, from microphones to marketing, sound treatment to SAG, auditions to online casting and everything in between - by Industry Pros who know!

​There's a wealth of knowledge out there! VOBB brings it all together in one place, with clear and accurate information that is relevant to YOU!

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